Today, I’m addressing those who consider themselves to be supporters of Freedom, America and our constitution. I’m addressing those of you who wish to leave behind a better world and a brighter future for your children and theirs.

Clearly, we’re in the midst of change. If we’re still bogged down in the fog of a two-party system, trying to decide whether it’s the democrats or republicans who are going to set things right, we’re missing the opportunity. If we believe our national government and industrial leaders have our best interest at heart, we’re missing the opportunity. If we believe we’re being told the truth of things by Fox News and CNN…yep, still missing the opportunity. The opportunity I speak of is the hope that realizes one nation, indivisible, with justice and liberty for all.

Perhaps the title sounds a bit extreme but in case you haven’t noticed, the ride is getting a little bumpy these days. It’s time for Americans to wake up and begin seeing past the illusions and control mechanisms that are being used against us. These kinds of conversations are naturally uncomfortable and to think beyond the levels of our programming (what society, government, education, entertainment and media tells us to think and believe) requires real effort. We’re all busy trying to make a living, raise our families and basically get by the best way we can with the least amount of discomfort.

We’ve been taught to behave in certain ways. We’ve been lulled into a herd state, illusory experience that’s more resemblant of a nightmare than a daydream. This is what everyone else is doing so it’s what we do also. It takes courage to go against the grain. Do you think the original patriots of America and the authors of our constitution lacked the courage to stand up for their God given freedoms and the inalienable rights of all men and women? Were they too lazy to take action, hoping perhaps, that someone else might rise to the occasion and solve the problems of the day on their behalf?

Observe your initial impulse or reaction when you’re presented with information that doesn’t correspond with the mainstream narrative. Perhaps you notice an instant feeling of anger, avoidance, indignation or criticism in some degree? These feelings may rise up for a couple of reasons. As a component of our base nature, we may not want to invest energy into anything that doesn’t affect us directly (create fear), benefit us personally (offer reward) or requires us to put our intellect to work. Our strong ego and supposed intellect may tell us we already know the truth. Secondly, the programs are running. These programs come in and establish themselves in a myriad of ways. The programming of society begins at a very early age. The effective use of subliminal messages in Hollywood films is a common example.

Approximately seven years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to the “conspiracy theory” that 9/11 was a staged event. These are also known as “false flags.” At the time, I was outraged by the suggestion. I remember exactly where I was when 9/11 happened and I remember the pain and anger it caused, not only for me but for an entire nation. I felt the mere suggestion of this was treasonous and showed great disrespect for all who lost their lives that day or had been involved in the rescue efforts. Ask me today and I will tell you that I absolutely do believe it was a staged event, orchestrated by agencies inside our own country. My perspective has turned around one hundred and eighty degrees. What I knew as truth then doesn’t make sense for me anymore. Do some searches on “where did the rubble go” and you’ll find some of the information that helped change my perspective. My point here is to offer a personal example of how our opinions are likely to change as we come into higher levels of awareness.

Stepping onto a spiritual path is not all about rainbows and butterflies. Our beloved Brother Jesus the Christ was a rebel. Are we our brother’s keeper as we turn a blind eye to the gross injustice and suffering taking place around us each day? Yes, I believe we should all strive to hold the divine concept as we go through our lives and our work but understand, there is a real battle taking place on the earth plane. The battle rages on the inner planes and the outer between the forces of Light and God Law and the forces of darkness and separation. The battle is heating up now as we are fully in the midst of this next great shift that is the awakening of humanity and the planetary ascension process. It’s not likely to always be an easy transition for the individual or the collective and to think otherwise may not be realistic in my opinion. Yes, pray for grace and ease but take heart and be ready to stand up for what you believe in. Have the courage to look deeper into the truth of our current reality. Be ready to take action by following the internal guidance of your soul in the fulfillment of those obligations you made to yourself and for the world around you before coming into this lifestream experience.

The reason I often share posts or comment in this regard on social media for example, is not because I’m overjoyed by dwelling in the realms of so called conspiracy theory and negativity. “We the People” need to understand what we’re up against and it’s time to bring ourselves up to speed. One of the reasons I came back to this planet and the human experience is to assist other lightworkers and the realms of Heaven in bringing about God Freedom and Prosperity for All. This means that in my personal experience, I’m also being guided to higher levels of awareness and truth. As this happens, I’m doing my best to direct energy and intention toward the betterment of our world, in support of all life everywhere and God Freedom for all sentient beings. I do this daily though my calls and prayers, the effects of which should never be underestimated. It’s also my great joy to share wisdom that’s being shared with me from various members of our greater family in Heaven such as the Master Adama of Telos and Archangel Michael. I recognize each of you as my brothers and sisters and although I may not know you personally, I hold great love and great hope for you in my heart. I desire to see each and every one living their best reality of freedom, prosperity, health, creativity and ultimately the fulfillment of their personal ascension. Time is growing short. Why are you here? What is the role you came to play? Where do you stand on your own personal ladder of ascension?

So much truth is coming forward now. It’s everywhere around us and more is coming but we have to be willing to take an honest look at our collective predicament. There’s a lot of disinformation out there as well. Truth tellers are being discredited left and right by hacks and trolls. If the truth tellers, whistleblowers and warriors of Light prove themselves to be too dangerous to the dirty agenda, they are simply removed from the equation. Learning to discern truth through our intuition and the feeling in our heart space is an important and beneficial skill for us.

Simply being a responsible citizen and casting your vote on Election Day isn’t going to bring the change we need and desire. Write to your senators and elected officials. See if they’re really interested in your concerns. I already know the answer because I’ve experienced the disappointing results firsthand. Our friends in Barcelona were explaining to us that similar things are taking place right now in Catalonia and Spain. For a time, every night at nine o’clock, citizens of Barcelona who are in favor of Catalan independence would come outside and bang on their pots and pans. The issues are complex but my point is, the general discontent is rising and not just here in America.

I believe it’s time for a gentlemen’s revolt and a peaceful revolution in America. I’m not talking about taking the que’s we’re being fed by the establishment and running away with them in the further creation of chaos. It seems that so many Americans are protesting this or showing hatred for that and everyone wants to be a victim. I often wonder if the participants themselves even know what they’re protesting. We need to learn how to see past the triggers and manipulation. Learn to avoid the pitfalls and traps that are being laid for us to blindly stumble into. Remember that we’re all created equal in the eyes of God and we are all His children. We’re all in this together.

We need not go through this next great shift alone but we live on a free will planet. There are vast numbers of great beings and forces of Light beyond our imagining who are waiting to step forward to take a more active role in the fulfillment of our New Earth where all kingdoms will live in harmony and prosperity. However, it is up to us to make the calls, say the prayers and invite Father/Mother God and our greater family in Heaven to come forward and begin working here where we can see it. They cannot step forward to assist us without our invitations and requests. Much of humanity has forgotten this and the results are evident for all to see. Our calls and prayers are greatly needed at this time.

We the people hold the power if we can learn to stretch beyond the dark, divide and conquer strategies and stand united. Do not allow the powers that think they be to diminish your spirit with fear, hatred, hopelessness and lack. The establishment in America tells us they don’t have the funding to do the things that ought to be done. So many of our brothers and sisters are suffering due to homelessness, hunger and the lack of basic health care just to name a few. They refer to this kind of financial relief as “entitlements” and most of us follow along with the narrative they offer. Wrong! There is no lack of capital whatsoever.

As an example, Ex-CIA agent Kevin Shipp offers a number of talks exposing the deep state and shadow government in America where research indicates that America spends nearly one trillion dollars annually on operations that are not known by nor approved by our congress. Here’s all of this money being used, mostly on defense and covert operations that the American people don’t even know about, much less have an opportunity to vote on. Many of our day to day problems and challenges could easily be overcome by even a small redirect of this hidden funding. Do your own homework and see what you come up with.

It will be a requirement that we wake up to the current reality of our situation by educating ourselves and becoming aware of what’s really going on beyond the illusion. By the way, this higher awareness also reflects our coming into new levels of spiritual maturity and understanding. They are both components of the shift.

More and more are waking up now. The lightworker community is growing by leaps and bounds each day. Tidal waves of Light, Illumination and Christ Consciousness are flooding the planet like never before. We’re encouraged to step forward and reclaim our Divine Sovereignty. The forces of Light and the fulfillment of our New Earth will not be denied. The sinister forces understand this very well, thus much of the upset taking place at this time. Take heart! Let us join together as we claim our victory in the Light!

May God Bless America to become the shining example of liberty and prosperity it was always intended to be. Let Freedom ring here at home and across all nations. May God Bless you one and all!