There’s a lot of talk about discernment these days. How do we know if something is true or false? How do we know if we’re making the right decision? We can improve our chances for success as we learn to use the reasoning ability of the mind combined with the intelligence of the heart. Our science hasn’t caught up yet but our Higher Heart actually has its own intelligence. This is our inner knowing and intuition. We’ve all heard the saying “Trust your gut.”

Feeling with the heart is feeling into vibration. We can feel into our own vibration and we can feel into the vibration of things external to us. Without judgement or need to influence we come into the now moment awareness as the observer. How does it feel in the body? What is its resonance? The heart knows. Does it resonate with truth and goodness or something else?

Until we actually learn how to connect with our heart space and the higher intelligence of the heart, we are only utilizing a small percentage of our overall capacity for discernment. I would argue that feeling into the vibration of something is equally important as any rational decisions we may come to. What we “know” to be “facts” often prove to be mistaken.

The pitfalls are everywhere and I often find myself having difficulty sorting through the myriad of new ideas and new information that are here for us now. There’s a lot of misinformation out there. Some of that is by the design of those who are still choosing to act in ways of separation. How do we know who or what to trust? I often find truth to be illusive and what I hold as my truth today may not be the same next week. Our levels of understanding and perceiving are changing quickly now.

For many of us, allowing the heart connection to be our guide and to be included in the decision making process is not intuitive. Neither is learning how to perceive and work with energy. In our current society we don’t place much value on these skills.

The new energies which are arriving in grand fashion this month are guiding us to begin balancing the masculine and feminine energies. This change in perspective across all of humanity is necessary if we’re to pull ourselves up from the ashes that are reflective of the 3D patriarchal structure and lower self / ego masculine run amuck. The energy glue that held the 3D construct of duality and contrast together is no longer present on the planetary body of Gaia.

All that exists now are our mis-creations from 3D and they are being drawn to our attention. This is happening at the individual level and the collective consciousness level. It’s also happening within the constructs of man that were created in the energies of power, domination and greed. These societal frameworks cannot go to our fifth dimensional New Earth where only the vibrations of service to others, harmony, acceptance and perfection exist.

Back to the topic, discernment is as much about a heart space / feeling activity as it is about using the mind. The mind is simply a tool that assists us in carrying out the visions and plans of our higher guidance which comes from the Higher Heart. This would be primarily our soul and Higher Self with participation from our guardian angel and guides. This is us moving into the flow of life from the heart space, not the head space of ego. This is coming into alignment and here we will find our clarity.

The balancing of the masculine and feminine energies will lead to the further awakening and opening of the Higher Heart. This will lead us to a greater connection to our soul’s purpose and the guidance of our Higher Self. This in turn helps us remember who we really are, where we really came from and what it is we came to do. That is to fulfill our soul’s contracts, balance our karma and gain our ascension alongside Gaia. Or, we can choose to remain stuck on the hamster wheel of karma and reincarnation that results from not having balanced our debt to life. Our debt to life or karma is a result of the universal law of cause and effect. Everything has a price and the price must be paid.

The way we will create our New Earth is by moving from service to self to service to others. We are redirecting our focus from the head to the heart. We’re bringing our polarities of light and dark back to their zero point in the heart space. We’re bringing our polarities of divine masculine and divine feminine back to their zero point in the heart space. We’re connecting Heaven and Earth through the zero point in the heart space. This is coming back to center. We’re learning to walk the middle way.

As we move through these shifts the opening of the heart space may present in many ways. We’re all unique and the experience will be different for each one. Remember that we are also healing and bringing our four lower bodies (physical, mental, emotional & spiritual) back into union as we prepare for our personal ascension process.

The emotional body and cellular memories carry residual energies and memories from past lives which may offer challenges. They will need to be acknowledged, healed and released. Some refer this kind of work as inner child work. The mental body is full of limiting 3D programs that arrive from a variety of sources internal and external to us. They may also need to be brought into view where they may be viewed with a fresh perspective and discernment.

Some may find that they are just simply becoming more compassionate and loving at times, especially in times of harmony or stillness when we’re not in survival mode. Perhaps something triggers a powerful emotion that you don’t recall feeling as strongly before. The soul is speaking to you through the heart space. Listen!

Most of us aren’t taught how to utilize the tools of the higher heart and inner knowing so these skills lie mostly dormant until we make the decision to activate them. The new energies are naturally guiding us in this direction and we have incredible opportunities for expansion this month and throughout the remainder of this year. We are essentially bringing a new/forgotten aspect of ourselves online now.

With a little bit of practice and by increasing our now moment awareness as the observer, we begin learning how to lessen our dependence on the decision making process that originates only from the judging mind of ego and programming. We learn to still the chatter of the mind and feel into the more subtle cues and nudges of the higher heart. As we learn to experience and feel into this for ourselves we move from philosophical discussion to real world application.

Trust your gut. Follow your intuition. Feel into it. Speak from the heart. We establish our connection to our Creator and our extended Heaven Family though the heart space and it’s here that we will find our clarity and personal truth. May your heart be filled with joy and may God bless you on your journey.