Welcome. I chose this topic intentionally as my first blog post. It’s the most important and valuable thing I’ve learned in my life thus far and I would share it individually with the world if given the opportunity to do so. This is what I wish not only for each and every individual to understand conceptually but to experience and know for themselves. For when you learn the truth that you can visit Heaven anytime you wish, your perspective of the world and of your life in it will shift for the better. I make you this promise.

The planet is shifting.  We’re shifting.  One of the biggest changes taking place now is the shifting focus from what we think of as our rational thinking minds to the feeling and intuition that come from the heart.  We can quote scripture or spiritual platitudes from sunrise to sundown but if we can’t figure out how to actually connect through the heart space to embody the truths that we state verbally and intellectually, I would argue that we’re not even halfway there in terms of our broader understanding of who we really are and of where we come from.

By the way, one of the bi-products of this shift that we’re in is that we’re being shown our shadow side so that we can release those old energies, programs, beliefs and fears that no longer serve us.  It’s happening this way so we can embody more Light and it’s happening to everyone to one extent or another.

Many people today are looking for their place of solace in the storm.  Although we may be surrounded by family and friends who love us dearly, they may not be familiar with the new feelings or experiences we’re having.  Perhaps we’re reluctant to have these conversations with our friends because the new conversation doesn’t fit the old model.  Many are feeling unsupported now at all levels and perhaps not sure how or where to find the support they need.

In our society, we’re taught from an early age that we are somehow separate from God.  One of the natural bi-products of living in our 3D human suit on planet Gaia is that we have a bit of amnesia so we’ve mostly forgotten our never ending and eternal connection with our Heavenly Mother/Father God.  This creates some challenges for us and the Earth school was designed that way.

What I want you to know is that we can literally go to Heaven or bring Heaven to us anytime we choose.  This is not some lofty statement I post here for your entertainment.  Forget what society told you was real and not real, what the human is or is not capable of.  Throw it all in the trash and start over with a fresh perspective.  If we can set the dogma aside and allow the Higher Heart and Higher Mind to lead us into a new way of being, miracles are indeed possible.

God is not some old white dude with a long beard who sits on a throne in some far aware location to pass judgement on worthless sinners and the idea that we would ever need to pay someone to speak to God on our behalf is utterly absurd.  God is everywhere eternal and God is Love.  Every cell of our bodies, every blade of grass, every drop of water and every photon particle of light contain the spark of divinity.  That means that Father/Mother God are a part of us and therefore consciously present with us at all times.  This is our own Beloved I AM Presence.  It is impossible for us to be separate from God but it’s easy to forget this as we struggle with the stresses and pressures of daily life.  We might refer to this as being in survival mode and it can be challenging to discover the higher aspects of our divinity from this place.

The human was created with 12 strands of DNA.  We’re currently utilizing two strands or said another way, we’re running at about 30% capacity.  Scientists may refer to the rest of it as “Junk DNA.”  Not so!  We were purposely designed for much greater things and one of those has to do with our ability to connect more fully with Gaia, each other and with our greater family in Heaven.  It is our divine birthright to commune directly with Creator, the ascended masters, angels and our higher aspects who make up our greater family in Heaven.  We can learn to travel to Heaven in our consciousness and light bodies or we can invite them to be with us here in the secret chamber of our heart.  Higher levels of love, intimacy, real world guidance and conscious communion are on offer and available to each and every one of us right now.

For me, prayer and meditation go hand in hand.  I may be doing one or the other but they are both activities of the higher mind and feeling of the heart.  The heart has its own intelligence.  We exist well beyond the boundaries of matter that make up our physical brains and consciousness exists everywhere.  We’re learning to expand beyond the traditionally accepted left brain thinking, reasoning and judging function of the ego that we’re so well trained and versed in.

One afternoon I was meditating in the secret chamber of my heart where the threefold flame of Creator resides.  The threefold flame consists of blue, gold and pink flames which represent the Will, the Wisdom and the Love of Creator.  This is the actual spark of divinity, of Creator that resides in each and every one of us.  I’ve created a beautiful cathedral just above my heart chakra to house and commune with the threefold flame and Creator.  On this particular afternoon I called for my Brother Jesus and he came to spend a few minutes that day and to offer me some much needed guidance.  Before he left I asked him, “Where will I find you?”  He told me that I can always find him right here with me in the secret chamber of my heart and that I was never alone.  So, where is he?  He’s right here in my heart, always present.  All I need do is drop down to the heart and focus my attention on him and we are together.  It’s that easy.  This is not a mental exercise.  It’s a feeling exercise.  We’re working in the quantum field that is totally free of the constructs we hold for our normal day to day, 3rd dimensional experience.

So where do we start?  There are many paths but I’ll share a few things that have assisted me on my own journey.

  • Make yourself available.  Open your heart to receive.  Ask God to fill you with Her presence so you can feel it.  Invite your Higher Self to connect with you in a way that you can recognize it.  Acknowledge that you have a guardian angel whose sole purpose is to assist you in this life stream experience.  Be persistent.  Invite them in and ask them to participate in your life in a way that you will see it and know it.
  • Trust yourself.  Everyone’s experience will be unique.  The rules for the earth plane are changing and we are free to spiritually accelerate toward our personal ascension and to experience the beauty, bounty and abundance that is our divine birthright.  Don’t let anyone else dictate what’s true for you.  Lots of people are having new and interesting experiences these days.  Open your heart to the new insights you receive or shy away.  It’s always our choice.
  • We have to learn to still the monkey mind and this only comes through a practice of stillness.  There are many expressions of stillness; perhaps gardening or learning to play beautiful music but taking a few minutes each day for prayer and meditation are an obvious choice for me.
  • The ego may not relinquish its control easily so don’t expect that you’ll be a master in three days or a week.  It takes a little practice but you’ll know when you’re making headway because you will observe your own sense of well-being improving as you go along.
  • In the beginning, find something to focus on.  You may repeat OM or simply keep your attention on the out breath.  When the mind begins to wander and reminds you to pay the electric bill just calmly come back to center.  We’re teaching ourselves to stay in the awareness of our Now moment.  It gets easier as we go.
  • Be mindful of your breathing.  Most of us have never been taught to breathe properly and this is important.  Bringing oxygen into the body helps us relax.  I usually begin by taking seven deep breaths into the belly.  Breathe in to the count of seven and breathe out to the count of seven.  We can do this at any time throughout the day to bring forth a sense of calmness and serenity.
  • Connect with Gaia.  Gaia is often referred to as our World Mother and she is a fully conscious and loving being.  We live here on her surface within her energies.  We can ask her to connect with us energetically and to harmonize our frequencies with hers.  See yourself as being a conduit of light connecting Heaven and Earth.  This helps us feel grounded, connected and safe in the world.  It helps us stay in the natural rhythms of life and our experience here.  Spend time in nature when you can away from all the distortions of our day to day.  This is healing in its own right.
  • We have more previously ascended masters, sages, gurus and wisdom keepers embodied now than at any time in the past.  Find someone you resonate with and allow them to assist you on your journey.
  • Just like anything else we might endeavor to accomplish in this earthly experience, the more we practice the better we become at a particular skill.  In our society, we’re not taught to use these “muscles” so we’ve temporarily forgotten the recipe.  It’s not lost, just momentarily forgotten.
  • Don’t feel like you need to wait for the time of meditation or stillness to actively engage.  I speak to the angels all the time and although I may not interpret their direct reply in that moment, I know full well that they have heard me.  I know that it is their great joy and desire to assist us in every way that the law allows.  That is, our free will choice may not be interfered with and universal law is always in effect.  Because of our free will choice, it’s up to us to ask our angels and guides for help.  For our best result, our requests should be in alignment with our own greatest good and the greatest good of all.  Show them your acknowledgement, love and appreciation daily and it will return to you tenfold.  Ask them to show you a sign that they are with you and when you see it, trust it.  You didn’t make it up.  Begin asking them to help you with small things first like finding a parking space or your lost keys.  With your continued trust and practice, the real world manifestations will come and your confidence in this area will grow.  I understand deeply that the angels are present with me always as I travel through this experience and having this awareness brings me a comfort that is beyond description.  The angels are waiting to connect with you more fully.  It’s what they do and they love you beyond your imagining.

If the thought of traveling makes you uncomfortable ask the angels to come to you.  It’s much easier to commune with them in 5D but that will come.  Create a space inside your heart and home where you think the angels would like to be.  Invite them to come closer.  Left brain has no place here.  All of this mumbo jumbo sounds academic until you figure out how to do it yourself.  By it, I mean opening the heart space and allowing the angels and guides to embrace you and fill your entire being with Divine Love and total acceptance.

When the tears begin to flow down your cheeks in a spontaneous way you will know that you have stepped beyond the bounds of this illusionary experience and into something new, real and wondrous.  May you be mightily blessed in all ways as you make your journey home!